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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media - Social Media Simple

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media

5 ReasonsSocial media for business: is it a necessity or just the latest phase? Why should you implement a social media strategy for your business?

We live in a new era: many marketing and advertising efforts that used to work are not! Thanks to the internet, the average customer is much more informed than in the past.

This new environment requires a new way of doing business, a way of engaging the customer offering quality customer service. Enter the social media strategy.

So, keeping with our philosophy of simplifying social media, the following is the no fuss, no muss, just the facts please: 5 reasons your business needs a social media presence

1. It is the internet age – If you are not on the net you do not exist!

2. Your competition is!

3. People do business with people, not businesses

4. Social media is an every day part of life

5. A website alone is not enough!

Ok, there you have it! Five cold hard facts of why your business needs social media!

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The Devils In The Details

If you would like to know more of the details of why your business needs social media, here they are ~ read on.

1. Internet Age

If you are not on the net, you do not exist. Years ago the yellow pages were the go to source to look up business. In our digital age of today: if you are not online, you cannot be found! If they cannot find you on line, they will find someone else!

This is especially true for the age group of mid 30′s and under. When seeking a product or service, they “google it!” If you do not come up in the rankings, you do not exist as far as they are concerned.

Additionally, along with an online presence, you need fresh relevant content or you are considered obsolete. Using the right social media platforms increases your online presence. Think about it: you search for a particular product and one business has multiple listings: a website, twitter, google+, Facebook etc and another has only one, a website. Which business would you check out? No brainer! The business with multiple listings is seen as more relevant.

2. Your Competitor Is

There is a good chance that your competitors are using social media. There are very few businesses that do not have a competitor. The internet has opened up and leveled the playing field. For very little monetary investment you can wage an effective social media marketing campaign that can rival the big established companies. So somewhere out in the World Wide Web, there is a savvy upstart who is feverishly perusing your customers. If you want to stay in the game and even get ahead, you must have a relevant social media presence.

3. People Do Business With People

The consumer today does not want to do engage a business, they seek out relationships before they purchase. With effective social media engagement, it gives them the sense that they know you and your story before they purchase. The more they trust and like you, the greater chance they will purchase from you.

4. Social Media Is An Everyday Part Of Life.

This is closely related to point 1, yet more specific. Walk into any coffee shop and glance around: chances are you will find someone on a social media site. It is how people keep in touch today.   Individuals from all areas of life are using social media: teens, grandmothers, soccer moms, CEO, celebrities, sports figures and yes, even criminals are using social media. In fact it is commonly known that social media has been used in countries to facilitate political change.

Also, a business that does not have a social media presence is viewed as being “behind the times” and translates to irrelevant! Don’t be irrelevant!

5. Your Website Is Not Enough

So you have a website – good. What have you done with it in the last month? 6 months? One factor of search engine rankings is relevance. The more relevant a site, the higher it gets ranked. So how do you make it relevant?

Well, you guessed it – social media. The effective use of social media creates activity around your brand. When properly connected with your website and using relevant material, people will engage you. The more you are retweeted, shared, liked, friended, 1+ (all SM terms for engaging) the more the search engines like it. They assume since you have the action going on, you are relevant. Thus it can affect your rankings.

So, What can you use social media for – specifically?

1. Build relationships with existing and potential customers

2. Monitor your market and competitors

3. Create brand awareness & loyalty

4. Customer service

5. Conduct market research

6. Build brand loyalty

7. Increase search rankings

8. Much more

Ok, so are you convinced yet? Not only does your business need a social media presence, but also it needs a solid strategy to be effective. This is where Social Media Simple comes in: our certified social media strategist can help you make sense of the social media world. Our basic strategy plan outlines for you what platforms to use and actions to take to engage your market.

After the basic strategy we are available to assist in anything from set up of various platforms to in-depth monitoring and consulting.

Why wait any longer? Contact us now! Or call (636) 486-6707 Today!

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