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Basic Strategy - Social Media Simple

Basic Strategy

Basic Social Media Strategy

The Basic Social Media Strategy For Business

Our basic plan is designed by our certified social media strategist to be simple and effective: to give you an effective social media strategy that you can start right away! Our 5-step process results in the identification of the best social media platforms for your business and basic strategies to begin engaging your current and potential customers.

Our unique 5 Step Process includes:

1. Social Media Review

Our certified strategist will review your current social media efforts/platforms. They will evaluate for quantity, quality, search ability and branding.

2. Initial Interview

After our Social Media Review, our strategist will conduct a personal interview with those who are responsible for your social media. During this interview we cover the following:

  • The objectives of an effective social media strategy
  • The Three Values Of Social Media and their necessity for a successful social media strategy.
  • An initial survey of your business and current social media efforts
  • Clarification of your Unique Selling Proposition and its part in a successful social media strategy

3. Second Interview

This meeting typically is a follow up to clarify your Unique Selling Proposition. Many times it involves further details regarding products or services, typical customers, or objectives.

4. Unique Strategy Development

Once the key information is gathered and the existing social media efforts evaluated, our certified strategist will develop a tailor made social media strategy including specific platforms and content strategy

5. Third Meeting

This meeting is the presentation of the final product: Your Social Media Strategy! Our strategist will present the plan and explain the necessary steps for you to begin the implementation immediately.

You know your business needs a social media strategy, but you do not know how to get started? Our basic plan is your first step: and it  is $100 off our normal $499 price! Contact us or call 636.486.6707

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