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First Step To Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

First Step To Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan

Starting Your Social Media
Marketing Plan Right!

So you have made the decision to get some social media marketing going, great idea! Now what do you do?

The first temptation is to jump in and create a quick a Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ or any other number of social media accounts. Then you want to rush and start putting posts, pictures, tweets etc and above all, you want to get the message out “here we are, buy from us!” We have one word of advice for you ~ WAIT!

This type of action fits the description: “Ready, Fire, Aim!” It results in random content that produces very little engagement or interactions!

The first step to a successful social media marketing plan is to… well, plan! In this first step of planning your successful social media marketing plan is to identify who you are trying to reach and engage. Now I can hear you saying, “Anyone!” The problem is in trying to reach anyone; you will probably reach no one! The truth is, the successful social media marketing plan is thought out, planned and content is crafted for your “ideal customer” or target market. Thus increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.

Finding Your Ideal Customer

Based on your business, some demographics of your ideal customer can be obvious. You may know from experience what gender, age bracket or other key characteristics that bring them into your establishment. Other characteristics you should probably do some research on.

Hubspot, recommends answering the following questions to assist in creating your ideal customer;

1. Role – what is their job or role in life? Their title?
2. Company – what industry does their company or role function in?
3. Goals – what are they working to accomplish?
4. Challenges – what are their biggest challenges they are seeking answers for?
5. Watering holes – from what sources do they acquire new data for their job?
6. Personal background – how old, married, kids, etc.
7. Shopping preferences – do they use the internet? Other sources to shop for products?

This information will allow you to craft your social media content in a way that speaks to them as they navigate their way through the buyer’s journey. Tailoring your content will engage them quicker and provide information and answers to their questions whether spoken or unspoken. You become the resource they seek out as they engage you for answers to their problems. This is how you create a successful social media marketing plan.

Still have questions? Why not have someone assist you in navigating the nuances of developing your social media marketing strategy? Our certified social media strategists at Social Media Simple are qualified to help make sense of social media. Request a free consultation or call 636.486.6707

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