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How To Genearate Sales Leads From Social Media

How To Generate Sales Leads From Social Media

Social Media To Generate Sales Leads

Enough Sales Leads
From Social Media?

One of the common comments from business owners when discussing social media is: they want more sales leads from social media!

Yet, unfortunately, most go about using social media in a way that does not effectively generate leads and in fact: pushes potential leads away! A random perusal of many businesses social media efforts reveal a large sales content; in short, “buy from me!” The research has shown that those potential leads using social media to find solutions for their needs would prefer to be informed through articles and information vs being pushed with sales pitches.

The effective social media lead generating process is to post content that answers your potential leads questions as they progress through the buyer’s journey.

The Buyers Journey

To keep things simple (our motto) the buyer journey consists of three steps or phases of awareness that your potential sales lead goes through in determining to purchase. These steps or phases can be classified as: 1 – The What, 2 – The How, 3 – The who.

The What

The “What” is defining or labeling the need your potential lead realizes that they have. This is clarifying the issue in a way they understand. It can also include explanations as to the cause, the effects or the ultimate outcome of the particular situation.

In this initial stage of awareness, you may want to offer something free: white paper, Ebooklet, webinar etc. that offers greater details about the issues at hand. Creating a landing page that requires a certain amount of contact information will allow you to follow-up with the potential sales lead who are in this discovery phase.

The How

The “How” is discussing the solutions to the issues that were identified in the “What.” If there are multiple ways to answer the problem, provide a break down of the pro’s and con’s of each. Help you potential lead get a grasp of what options are available to solve their problems, become a confidant to them.

In this stage, your free product offer should focus on the various solutions that are available. Provide a link to a landing page on your website that offers this free information: again, all they must do is provide minimal contact information.

The Who

Not to be confused with the Iconic Rock Group, this is where you offer your unique solution to the potential leads problems. Focus on what makes your service desirable: experience, latest equipment or training, price, location etc.

As in each of the preceding stages, offer something that helps the potential sales lead. In this phase, it may be more detailed about your solution to the problem or an offer to contact them with a free consultation. This time, you landing page will need to capture a little more data for you to have an idea of their company before you contact them.

An effective social media campaign to generate leads uses a blend of posts designed to answer questions in the three phases of the buyer’s journey. If your business has multiple products or services for a variety of situations, you should craft social media material for each one. Once you have created the material, it is a matter of regularly posting and re-purposing the same information.

Social media is a great tool to generate sales leads if you see it as a process of assisting your potential leads through the decision-making process as well as a relationship building.


At Social Media Simple, we have been involved with social media since 2005, working to develop effective strategies for various business entities. Our Certified Social Media Strategists work to help you make sense of social media for your business by Simplifying Social Media for you. If you would like to see how Social Media Simple can help you with your social media needs, call us at (636) 486-6707 or email our chief strategist, Martin at martin@socialmediasimple.com

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