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2 BIG Mistakes With Business Reviews - Social Media Simple

2 BIG Mistakes With Business Reviews

Yelp Consumer Alert

2 BIG NO-NO’s With Business Reviews

As a business owner, we love reviews – at least positive ones! Reviews not only make us feel better about what we are doing, but placed on the right platform (Google, Yelp etc.) they can help us with our search engine ranking and give us credibility to potential customers.

Unfortunately, the challenge with reviews it that you cannot really control them. However, in an attempt to do so, there are a couple of unscrupulous tactics that are attempted to boost reviews and ratings.

The 2 BIG Mistakes With Business Reviews include:

1. Bribery
2. Spammy Reviews

This mistake with reviews is done when a customer is offered incentive to write a review! While on the surface this may not seem that bad, it can backfire on you! How? If you are caught! Here is a quote from a Yelp blog:

For example, some businesses try to bias reviews in their favor by incentivizing people to write positive reviews. Our team caught this appliance repair company (link removed) offering to pay reviewers $15 per review via an ad on Craigslist.

Unfortunately, this business owner became blacklisted and now his/her credibility is in questions

Spammy Reviews
Another big mistake for reviews that is used is to make it easy for the customer to write a review while they are at the business location. They create kiosks or use tablets and prompt/push the customer to write a review. Unfortunately, this can back fire. Eventually, it is noted that there are too many reviews from the same ISP address: this is a red flag!

Again from a Yelp article:

…looks for businesses that have received a disproportionate number of spammy reviews, like those that originate from the same IP address. We found more than 245 dubious reviews for Las Vegas-based AAA Anytime Inc (link removed) and 52 for Philadelphia’s Pets and the City (link removed).”

Again, these business were caught attempting to manipulate their reviews and they were caught!

I know we said 2 big no-no’s, well here is a bonus no-no.

Frequency of reviews
A third mistake with business reviews is having too many in a short period of time: this also look suspicious. For instance, if a business averages one review a month, then suddenly it receives a large amount in one week: the question is why? It looks suspicious. The assumption is something is being done to manipulate the reviews.

Getting Reviews
The best way to get a good review for your business is to deliver more in your service or product than what was promised. Exceed your customer’s expectations! Go above and beyond your competitor! Make the interaction with your business memorable!
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